The Benefits of Performing Pelvic Floor Reconstruction With Robotic Assistance

Have you been experiencing severe pelvic pain as a result of prolapsed organs? Is the pain so bad that it’s interfering with your ability to exercise, have sex, or simply enjoy your life? If your symptoms haven’t improved with non-surgical treatment, another option to consider is pelvic floor reconstruction with robotic assistance.

The staff at Bela Vida Urogynecology, located in Oviedo and Kissimmee, Florida, specialize in this procedure. A medical assessment and physical evaluation can help determine whether pelvic floor reconstruction is the best option for you.

How pelvic floor reconstruction with robotic assistance works

Pelvic floor reconstruction describes several different surgical procedures, just as your pelvic area is a host to many different organs. The muscles, nerves, tissues, and ligaments in your pelvic area all work to control your uterus, bladder, rectum, and vagina.

A pelvic organ prolapse means that one of those critical organs has moved from where it should be, or has been damaged in some way. Another way to describe pelvic floor dysfunction is like a hernia in the vaginal area. Typically, this happens during childbirth, or results as a complication from a previous surgery.

Initially, the Bela Vida staff will want to treat your symptoms without surgery. Depending on the severity of your condition, surgery may be recommended. One of the newest and most innovative procedures available today is called robotic-assisted surgery.

A minimally invasive procedure, surgeons have found it much easier to make incisions and sutures using this new technology. Robotic surgery also involves much faster recovery time than traditional surgery.

What to expect from pelvic floor reconstruction recovery

After discussing the benefits of surgery with the Bela Vida staff, we can help you make the best decision for your health. Even with the minimal amount of recovery time from robotic-assisted surgery, you will need to take a week or so off from work, as well as from physical activity. It is also advised that you avoid sexual intercourse until you are fully recovered.

Learn more about pelvic floor reconstruction surgery with robotic assistance

If you’ve experienced long-term complications in your pelvic area and want to see if pelvic floor reconstruction surgery is right for you, you can make an appointment at one of our two locations. For the Oviedo location, call 407-982-4852. For the Kissimmee location, call 407-982-4852. You can also book an appointment at these locations online. We look forward to hearing from you.